Fashion vs Body Image?

Big is beautiful. We know this because we are told every day by just about any media outlet or social justice warrior you care to pay attention to. Being skinny, or even slim, on the other hand, has become tantamount to a criminal act these days if you pay any heed to the Feminist masses […]

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Why Gender Equality Fails

This article is a continuation of my previous “Why Modern Feminism is a Bad Thing” article, if you haven’t read that first then some of what is said here might not make quite as much sense, or might lack context. I believe that in order to explain why there can never be true equality between […]

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Where’s My Male Privilege?

Last night I started reading an article over on Feminist mouthpiece website ‘Everyday Feminism’ called: Looking for Proof of Male Privilege in Your Daily Life? Here Are 7 Undeniable Examples. “But how are you going to refute an article where it actually tells us the examples are undeniable?” I hear you ask, and that’s a good […]

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