Religion fades in the U.S.

A very interesting piece on the decline of religion in the United States from the excellent ‘Why Evolution is True’ site. As an Englishman I have found the recent surge of Atheism in the US to be quite interesting. I wasn’t fully aware until recently that there was such stigma facing Atheists over there, in fact, according to recent studies most North Americans would not elect an atheist to government, so it’s exciting to see that secularism and atheism is taking off in such a big way despite such stigma being attached to the idea.

Why Evolution Is True

Just remember, you heard it here first, and a fair while back: religion is on its way out in the U.S., no matter what John Gray claims. The diminution of faith in my land is much to be welcomed, and, according to Tobin Grant at the Religious News Service, is the ineluctable conclusion of the latest General Social Survey, an survey of American demography, attitudes and beliefs conducted every other year using face-to-face interviews.

This is the genuine Good News. Tobin highlights three conclusions (his words are indented)

1. The “nones” are growing. “Nones are those people who report no formal affiliation with an established church, i.e., have no religious preference. Not all of these are nonbelievers; in fact, I think most of them are either believers who haven’t found a place to worship or have a diffuse kind of “spirituality.” Nevertheless, more than 1 in 5 Americans is now a…

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