The Niqab – An Open Letter (From Nice Mangos Blog)

I wanted to share this blog which is an open letter to the liberal Western media in regards to the Niqab and the current controversy in Canada. This Woman perfectly explains why the vitriol and ‘ironic humour’ from those Westerners trying to be politically correct are just offensive and derailing the true issue of Female oppression.

THIS is what Feminism SHOULD be fighting for while the ‘Feminists’ are off attacking ‘sexist’ video games and Men who sit with their legs apart.

I’d love to hear thoughts on this great article also.

From the article

Dear ‘liberal’ Western media,

As a woman born and raised in Islam, Saudi Arabia to be precise, I have seen more forced modesty, oppression and caning of women over their bodies than you can imagine.

I had hoped my family would escape at least one disturbing visual symbol of female subjugation, when we immigrated to the secular country of Canada. That symbol being the niqab, a full face veil. It’s a complete erasure of women from the public sphere, a prohibition on the basic human right of having a face when relating to others…

It is a blatant reminder of how some men view women as a possession, something to be hidden away from public gaze and ‘kept’ for their sole enjoyment. That is the niqab’s only purpose.

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Nice Mangos - An Open Letter
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