The BBC coddles faith, falsely claims harmony between science and religion

Another excellent article from Why Evolution is True which is worth sharing.

Why Evolution Is True

There’s a new accommodationist piece on the BBC’s website called “Can religion and science bury the hatchet?” It’s written by Caroline Wyatt, the Beeb’s Religious Affairs Correspondent, and of course the answer to her question is “YES!”

When reader Jim sent me the link to her piece, his email was headed, “There’s £700,000 down the drain then”, and that refers to the springboard for Wyatt’s piece: a substantial “Science and Faith Grant” given to the Church of England by—surprise!—the Templeton Foundation.  Here’s what it’s for:

Churches are being encouraged to talk about the relationship between science and faith through a project backed by the Church of England.

The Templeton World Charity Foundation has awarded £700,000 to a three-year Durham University programme which aims to promote greater engagement between science and Christians.

Churches will be able to apply for grants of up to £10,000 for “scientists in congregations”, and more than…

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