20 Feminist Headlines That Would Count As Hate Speech If They Were Written About Jews

Something I have mentioned before which holds true in a great many ‘articles’ by Feminist writers is the idea that the views held by Feminists would suddenly seem much less acceptable and instantly become hate speech if they were written about Jews, Black people etc. This excellent article from Thought Catalog.com makes this point very well indeed. Go give them some views!

Thought Catalog

via Flickr - Ari Moorevia Flickr – Ari Moore

As a nuclear power, and with an economy chugging along at close to $300 billion USD measured in gross domestic product, there is no question that Israel has become a global powerhouse. No reasonable person can claim that Jews are an oppressed minority in any part of the developed world. History has not been kind to the Jewish people and the memory of the Holocaust looms large in our collective memories, prompting many governments around the world to monitor hate speech against Jewish people, lest the horrors of the past revisit us.

Imagine for a moment that men had the same kind of protection. You could replace the word “Jew” with “Muslim” or “Black” or “Native American” or really any group, and it would all look just as hateful.  I’ve chosen “Jews” and “gentiles” because of the long history of oppression Jews have faced historically…

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