Feminist night demonstration against austerity measures off-limits to men

Feminism is all about equality, this we know because they tell us all the time. Feminism is as much about Men as it is Women and they DEFINITELY do not hate Men.

Recently, there was a Feminist rally in Canada which welcomed Men as equals! Oh, wait, I misread that, it says that Men were not allowed, not even Male reporters. Well that sure seems like equality to me! Go Feminiazism!

Montreal Gazette

A demonstration by a feminist organization, off-limits to men, took place Tuesday night in opposition to the Couillard government’s austerity measures. But like many other protests this one ended with a forceful police intervention.

A few hundred women who had gathered at Norman-Bethune Place, next to the Sir-George-Williams campus of Concordia University in downtown Montreal, went north on Guy St. The protesters where followed on each side by a strong police presence.

The police blocked their advance at the corner of Sherbrooke St. and McKay. Stopped in their tracks the protesters started chanting “It’s not men who are going to tell us what to do”.

The protest organizers had warned on Facebook that male protesters and male journalists “would not be tolerated” at the demonstration.

The protesters tried to impose their itinerary to the police. At a certain point police officers on bicycles faced off with a bunch of protesting cyclists.

Around 10 p.m. some protesters breached the police cordon and a melee…

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