Why Gender Equality Fails

This article is a continuation of my previous “Why Modern Feminism is a Bad Thing” article, if you haven’t read that first then some of what is said here might not make quite as much sense, or might lack context.

I believe that in order to explain why there can never be true equality between sexes we’ll have to travel back in time a little bit, but first I think I should make a point regarding equality as it relates to gender – Men and Women are not equal – by this, I don’t mean that we don’t have or deserve equal rights, nor am I inferring that one sex is superior to the other, it’s as simple as this: Man does not equal Woman and vice-versa. We are two very different halves of the same incredible coin and we have inherent, sometimes major, differences both physically and mentally and this, contrary to popular belief, is absolutely fine and exactly as it should be.

So, back in time we go then, through the evolutionary chain to a time when our species was still busy transitioning from just another humanoid life-form into a fully sentient species capable of complex emotional relationships and finding things to argue about with those with whom we engage in such relationships. You see, as with many species on our planet, Homo-Sapiens developed into two distinct sexes, one of which was solely responsible for child-bearing, thus requiring them to have bodies built for this very specific and very necessary task along with a pain threshold to keep them from giving that whole idea up as a bad job!

Male Homo-sapiens, on the other hand, unfair as it may seem, were unable to bear young themselves and were instead tasked, through nature’s amazing design, with protecting the Female of the species and their young along with foraging or hunting for food. So we’re all up to speed with the evolutionary differences between Human genders, but how does this relate to Feminism and gender equality in modern society?

Well, Men are still unable to bear Children, mainly due to having a completely incompatible physical structure for the task, and so, we are still (thankfully) forced to rely on the (yes, I’m going to say it) fairer sex for this task. Evolution and technology has given us a great many gifts, including the ability to empathise with our fellow Man (and Woman) so that we no longer feel the need to simply drag prospective partners off to our caves to procreate, and the means for Women to defend themselves against such attacks. However, while this is all true and great for society, the simple fact remains that Men and Women are different in a great many ways and this fact cannot be negated by simply asking for equality.



Well, firstly let’s quickly discuss whether or not equality is really what anyone wants. Rad-Fems are often quoted as saying that Women are the equal of Men and can do anything that a Man can do and, while this is technically true, it’s fair to say that there are areas in which Men are, undeniably, more proficient and similarly, areas where Women excel. Feminists and MRA’s who argue for equality often mean that they want equal privilege rather than true equality. How many Western Feminists do you see holding demonstrations for equal parental rights, or for the right to be drafted in times of war. In fact, Feminist websites can quite regularly be seen mourning the potential demise of ‘chivalry’ in modern Men whilst simultaneously telling us that such concepts are dead.

Which brings me to the point, imagine for a moment that Modern Feminism really worked and somehow achieved true equality within the sexes. A Woman punches a man square in the face and he simply reciprocates in kind, problem solved! War is declared and drafting becomes necessary but not to worry, at every house a coin is flipped to determine which of the parents goes off to fight for their country, Equality! Finally!

Of course we don’t want this scenario, no-one really does. An average Woman could quite badly hurt a man with a well placed punch to the nose, but more often than not, the retaliatory blow would be devastating and could well be fatal. As a Man, I am very much against the idea of hitting Women, I learned this from my Mother who I think taught me well and I believe I’m not the only one. In fact, while the very talented Miss Emma Watson went about asking for the cooperation of Men in her #HeForShe campaign in the wrong way, I’d contest that she had a point somewhere in there and I say this: There are Men who love and respect their Mothers, Wives and Daughters, Men who respect Women as equals but are not foolish enough to think that this means they do not still need our protection at times. We are not in the minority, we are the overwhelming majority and we come in all colours, religions and cultures. We are He for She and always have been, and this is in spite of some Modern Feminists who would have us believe that we are over privileged potential sex predators.

Father & Daughter


We live in an age of comfort in Western society, an age where modern Men are told that their traditional role is no longer needed, that Women should only date Feminist Men and allow those of us who don’t subscribe to their way of thinking to die out and would have us believe that testosterone is poison. It was not always this way though, not too long ago we lived in an age of war, where radicals threatened our very freedoms and livelihoods and sought to enforce their rules upon us, eradicating and oppressing those who they had decreed to be a threat. Men, real Men and brave Women laid down their lives for us so that we could have the comforts and freedom we enjoy today and let us hope that those dark days never return because if they do, who will go to fight if we have allowed real Men to become extinct?

Human beings are the way we are because this is how we were meant to be and our differences are beautiful. There are cultures and societies where rape culture is very real and misogyny is very much alive and well, be thankful that we do not live in such a place and let’s fight together to educate and eradicate this from our world altogether. If Feminism can recover from the modern blip and return to its noble and honourable roots then it just might be able to help those who truly need help. The United Nations is certainly a great place to start if we just make certain that our focus is on the real problems.


There are good people and there are bad people but ultimately, we are all people and we should never forget that, never get bogged down with mistrust or hatred for another group, or with attempting to censor that which you don’t like. While it is absolutely fine for Kim Kardashian to feel empowered by baring her all, andabsolutely not OK for people to mock and even attack her for doing so, It’s equally fine for Elly Prizeman to make a shirt with cartoon Females on it, and for Dr. Matt Taylor to wear this shirt and it’s not OK for people to harass and berate either of them for this either. There’s no fun to be had in appointing oneself as the morality police, even if it does gain you some media attention along the way.

There’s a space below for comments, I might live to regret this, but all are welcome unless it’s a personal attack. I’m happy to hear the views of all and I respect everyone’s opinion, just please try to keep it clean and free from hate. Thanks!

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