Is Being Gay a Choice?

Recently I’ve noticed a few articles online on this subject which came from Christian sources. Most of these articles suggested that being ‘born Gay’ is a myth and attempted to pass this idea off as something perpetuated by the Gay community in order to gain acceptance from society. Of course, many Christians believe that being […]

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Wait, am I a Feminist?

In debates or conversations with Feminists online I’ve heard terms like “do you even know the definition of Feminism” and “go look in a dictionary” a lot. So often in fact, that the words had lost all meaning to me, I’d simply laugh it off and explain how people can’t expect to be judged by […]

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Islam: a Phobia?

If you’ve ever debated against or argued with a modern Feminist, in the real world or online, you’re probably familiar with the concept of that one magical word which can be used to shout down criticism or turn a conversation away from the subject at hand. “Misogyny!!” You’ll hear them shout, and from that point […]

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Cults and Religions

Originally posted on atheist nerd girl:
HBO recently released their new documentary “Going Clear” based on the bestselling book with the same name by Lawrence Wright and many people learned about the crazy past, their charismatic and crazy founder, and practices associated with Scientology. I highly recommend watching the documentary, especially if you are not…

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20 Feminist Headlines That Would Count As Hate Speech If They Were Written About Jews

Something I have mentioned before which holds true in a great many ‘articles’ by Feminist writers is the idea that the views held by Feminists would suddenly seem much less acceptable and instantly become hate speech if they were written about Jews, Black people etc. This excellent article from Thought makes this point very […]

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