Where’s My Male Privilege?

Last night I started reading an article over on Feminist mouthpiece website ‘Everyday Feminism’ called: Looking for Proof of Male Privilege in Your Daily Life? Here Are 7 Undeniable Examples. “But how are you going to refute an article where it actually tells us the examples are undeniable?” I hear you ask, and that’s a good […]

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Is Being Gay a Choice?

Recently I’ve noticed a few articles online on this subject which came from Christian sources. Most of these articles suggested that being ‘born Gay’ is a myth and attempted to pass this idea off as something perpetuated by the Gay community in order to gain acceptance from society. Of course, many Christians believe that being […]

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Wait, am I a Feminist?

In debates or conversations with Feminists online I’ve heard terms like “do you even know the definition of Feminism” and “go look in a dictionary” a lot. So often in fact, that the words had lost all meaning to me, I’d simply laugh it off and explain how people can’t expect to be judged by […]

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